HRYS is a girls' fastpitch softball league serving players ages 5 to 18 in the greater Herndon-Reston, Virginia area. Separate spring and fall competitive house seasons are run with the objective of serving all the girls of the community.

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This page is divided into 2 main sections; parents who are new to youth league softball can find some information which explains how HRYS has been setup, and the second part, is for parents who have a bit more experience with league softball of who just want some helpful tips on purchasing or maintaining the right equipment.

This is what we will cover.. You may click on any of the links to jump to that position on the page.

  1. HRYS League composition
  2. How to choose the right equipment for your girls

The HRYS composition

You're going to hear about teams called Glory or Legends, so this is what it all means.

House League

The House league is pretty much where most girls first start. It contains a varying number of teams (depending on the sign-ups), but most of the girls in this group are new to the game, or are not interested in devoting a substantial amount of time to the sport of softball. Their division is crucial because it allows them to still enjoy the sport while deciding whether or not to pursue it more rigorously.

There are 5 divisions within the House League:

  1. 6U (6 years old and under) - Tee ball play
  2. 8U - Coaches pitch to girls
  3. 10U - Girls begin pitching
  4. 12U - Continuation of 10U
  5. Senior - Adult fast pitch softball

Legends All-StarsHRYS Legends vs. Ashburn Pride

Those girls who have shown a certain amount of skill in the game, and who want to take their talents to the next level may try out for the Legends All-star team.

While these girls keep a schedule similar to the House League, their opponents are expanded to surrounding areas, and so the level of competition of the game becomes slightly higher. More is demanded of the girls (and their parents) as well, since the distance traveled will be slightly greater (sometimes out to Loudoun County).


Glory Premier Travel Softball

Glory Fastpitch is a proud part of Herndon Reston Youth Softball. Glory is a great opportunity for youth softball players to enjoy the full experience of competitive travel softball while representing the HRYS league in local double-header games, regional and national fastpitch tournaments, as well as college showcase events.

Our players work hard, striving to be amazing athletes and outstanding role models in the community.

The Glory experience prepares every player in our program to compete at their full potential, positioning them for success at the High School and Collegiate levels.

Which position is right for my girl?

The answer to this is twofold. First, you can see if your girl has any preference for a position. Some girls naturally gravitate to standing on the pitching mound, with all eyes on them, throwing pitches. This position normally requires girls who aren't too shy when in the spotlight, though throwing accuracy is more important. Others naturally gravitate to sitting behind the plate, being catcher. If you aren't sure, leave it up to the coaches! They are trained to watch for which girls have strong arms and can do well at 3rd base or Short stop - throwing hit balls across the infield all the way to 1st base, or girls who are good at catching pop-flies.

In the end, put them in a position where they will be happy. Nothing leads to a long time spent in a rewarding sport more than a happy athlete.